Small Business Grants

GPMS funding supports a variety of direct and technical assistance projects for small & local businesses, including but not limited to: operational support, technology & facilities upgrades, consulting services, and facade & streetscape improvements.

FY 2021 Grant Calls

  • Request for Proposals for Small Business Grants.   Open: 12/9-12/23.  Maximum Request per proposal: $3,000.  More Details.

FY 2020

In FY20, GPMS distributed $71,700.00 in small business grants.  Our support focused exclusively on COVID-related recovery efforts. Grants were awarded to the following small businesses:

Balance Gym
Elements Center
ESW Learning/Kumon Learning Center
Ghostline DC
Old Europe
Point Chaud
Rockland’s BBQ
Sprig & Sprout
Sushi Keiko
Wide World of Wines